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What is Web Hosting? in Simple words! Why do we need Web Hosting?

Web Hosting Services

Everyone who is going to create a website is faced with the need to purchase Web Hosting. Binary Digital Media are sometimes intimidated by this term, but not everything is so scary. Let’s find out what it is in General, how to choose the best Web Hosting in Lahore.

What is Web hosting in simple words?

Web Hosting is a kind of lease of space on the server, where data and files will be stored for the functioning of the site. If we draw a household analogy, then this is the lease of a land plot where a house will be built. This leads to another parallel. Not every land is suitable for the construction of a particular house. So not every web hosting service is suitable for a specific web resource. Imagine if you can build a high-rise in a swampy area? Is it advisable to place a shelter on the prepared concreted territory? Also with web hosting. But more on that later.

The principles of Web Hosting

You have already understood what web hosting is in simple words. But how does it work? We tell you.

First of all, web hosting services are necessary for everyone who wants to run their websites on the internet, regardless of whether you are creating a blog, an online store, or a large business project. In any case, you will need the services of a web hosting services provider. Its task is to provide the user with space on an online server, usually for a fee. Simply put, there is an incredibly powerful computer with a huge storage capacity, maximum speed, large RAM, and a monumental hard disk.

Of course, it will not be a single computer, but a whole system. A site is a collection of files that require storage space. And this place becomes servers, computers with special SOFTWARE. They work continuously so that the sites are available for round-the-clock use. The slightest failures on the server lead to the fact that the resource may become unavailable to users or will work very slowly.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right hosting service that will cope with your tasks. There are different sections for building web resources. To make a choice, you need to focus on them, because this gives you confidence in reliability without overpaying.

Web Hosting services in lahore Pakistan

Web Hosting in Lahore Pakistan

Which web hosting service should I choose and what are some of them?

Web Hosting services are designed to solve various user tasks, so there are several types of them. The larger the site, the more space it will need to host. Some hosting services are optimal for novice developers, while others are suitable for experienced specialists. But each hosting service has its own purpose and is designed to meet the requirements of the site.
Shared hosting – shared server space for websites

Shared Hosting is often referred to as shared hosting. And this is explained very simply. Your web resource will be located on the same server along with other sites. And since the server has its own space, RAM, and processor speed, resources may run out. Have you noticed that when you run a lot of programs on your laptop at once, it slows down? It’s the same here.

Resources are evenly distributed across thousands of sites. In principle, this is enough for small projects. However, if your site or a neighbor’s resource grows, performance on shared hosting may drop. Therefore, if you plan to develop, it is better to give preference to another type of hosting.

As you’ve noticed, shared hosting, like the other types we’ll discuss below, has advantages and disadvantages. As for shared hosting


• Low cost
• Easy to use
• Free domains
• Administration by the support service
• Clear control panel.


• Only suitable for small sites
• Limited settings
• Traffic on other resources may affect the performance of your site

VPS hosting

Virtual Private Server, or VPS hosting – is still the same shared environment, but the principle of operation here is slightly different. This is, in its own way, an intermediate link between a dedicated server and shared hosting.

Compared to the previous type of VPS, it is more stable and reliable. There is a limit of 10-20 web resources on the server, all of them are evenly distributed with separate virtual machines. It seems to be a small addition, but the effect is good. VPS is suitable for both medium and large sizes.

Some advantages and disadvantages mentioned below:


• Allocated resources
• high level of customizability
• “nearby” traffic does not affect the operation of your site
• the owner can perform any operations via access
• Easy zooming.


• The price is higher than for shared hosting
• You need technical knowledge to manage it.

Dedicated server hosting – your personal server

Just note that the service is quite expensive. Prices range from $ 99 – 999. But such expenses can occur when a business needs a dedicated server. At the same time, you will have to understand server and computer technologies, since many processes need to be performed on their own.

The main advantage of dedicated hosting is that you get your own server for your site. You can customize it any way you want, and choose the SOFTWARE and operating system that suits your needs.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below:


• Personal use
• Complete management
• High security
• Root access


• The high price
• Management knowledge is required

Cloud hosting for dynamic power

Cloud hosting is similar to the previous one because the web resource is located on a Virtual Machine. Only the physical server is replaced by the part of the computer network from which it draws power for dynamics. This type of hosting is rapidly gaining popularity.

It is noteworthy that cloud hosting is characterized by scalability. If the VPS is limited in this regard, then the cloud system does not have a framework. Also, the fee here may not be fixed. You don’t pay for a dedicated server and all its capacity, but for the resources that you actually use. However, the cost may increase unpredictably due to high traffic.

Today it is almost the most reliable solution on the market. Users create a cluster of servers, and the site data contains copies on each server. In case of problems, traffic is redirected to a functioning server.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below:


• Site downtime excluded
• Resources are allocated on demand
• Payment upon use
• High scalability


• Difficulty calculating the price in advance
• Root rights are not always available

Optimal website hosting: how to choose?

Since there are several types of hosting, the question arises of choosing your own. And it’s not always easy. From the above, you already understand the differences.

If you’re just creating your very first website, it will be enough shared hosting, if necessary, then you can upgrade to a more powerful option. If you understand that your resource needs the functionality that shared web hosting will not provide, then it is better to consider other hosting services from the very beginning.

When choosing a web hosting services plan, you should focus on the CMS or lack of it (usually these are HTML sites and self-written ones), the presence of a database. So, cheap rates usually do not provide the ability to work with the database. Here is an example of hosting rates. Binary digital media provide the best Web Hosting in Pakistan.

Deciding on costs: how much does hosting cost?

When buying web hosting services, you need to decide on their type and rate. Further, the process is identical to acquiring a domain, which we have already considered. But prices can vary in a wide range. The payment is usually charged once a month, but if you want to pay and forget about extending for a long downtime, you can pay immediately for a year.

For clarity, You can go through our Web Hosting Packages:

Web hosting and domain names: what is the difference?

You won’t be able to create a website without basic services – hosting and a domain. If hosting is the space where the site, its functional elements, and data are located, then the domain name is the address of the web resource in the form of a symbolic combination (for example, www.site.com). When creating a site, a domain is first registered, and only after that, a hosting service is purchased. Then you need Web Development Services in Pakistan so why not choose Binary Digital Media (PVT) Ltd. for the best services.

Simply put, each computer has a personal IP address consisting of numbers, which is difficult for the human brain to remember. The same address is used in the literal meaning of the domain name. Therefore, we do not need to suffer and memorize complex combinations of numbers. Each address is entered in the domain Registrar’s database.

The difference between Web Hosting and a domain name is that the first one provides a place to store data and files of the site intended for its functioning. Web Hosting and domain together are the data storage location and virtual address of the resource. Without hosting, you can’t launch a website, and without a domain name, you can’t find a resource on the network.