Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? What are Digital Tools?

What is Digital Marketing?

Today, technology does not standstill. Including in the field of attracting customers. Digital Marketing shows itself to be able not only to collect accurate and objective information about the target audience but also to track the results of brand or product promotion.

We have encountered a problem when customers confuse digital and Internet marketing. It follows that they come for one thing, but they need something completely different.

This article will put all the dots in the right places to differentiate these concepts forever in the field of Digital Marketing in Pakistan

What Digital Marketing is?

Digital Marketing is about attracting and retaining customers not only using the Internet but also using any available technological means. Unlike online marketing, digital marketing also involves offline channels. Yes, at first it seems that the differences are very insignificant. But, if you look closely if, in order to get out of the influence of an Internet marketer, you just need to close your laptop, put away your smartphone and take a walk, then you can’t hide from a digital marketer so easily.


Pros and cons

Let’s list the main advantages of digital marketing:

  • If there is already a demand for your product or service and the number of your customers is potentially limited, then contextual advertising will help to convey your offer to them.
  • If the offer is created specifically for a young and advanced audience, then social media, mobile and Internet applications, as well as viral videos will allow you to achieve wide coverage.
  • If you need broad audience reach, you can use viral content, online PR, and non-standard large-scale promotions.
  • Video content today will allow you to tell us about your product or service in the most detailed way. This is especially useful for those who create complex and multi-component products/services.
  • Digital creates emotions and a positive attitude. Beautiful images, animations, micro-interactions, and emotional videos with opinion leaders.
  • Today, most companies strive to maintain the loyalty of their customers. To do this, you need to constantly maintain contact with consumers. A popular way to connect with your audience is through social networks. This media space helps to form a loyal attitude to the brand.

And here it is not without a fly in the ointment. Digital marketing has its downsides:

  • Time: Not all channels can provide fast results. Contextual advertising will provide fast customers, but it can take years to build customer loyalty using social networks.
  • Level of awareness: To effectively move forward in the digital environment, you need to constantly keep up to date with the latest news and trends. In this area, promotion tools are rapidly becoming both top-end and dramatically losing their effectiveness.
  • Cadres: It is difficult to find specialists with the proper level of competence who will be able to master new technologies and implement them.

Digital Marketing Tools

Each product or service has its own specifics of promotion in the digital sphere. It determines the choice of a specific tool or tools for promotion.

The main tools are as follows:

  • Company’s website;
  • Content promotion (publications on thematic sites, blogs, etc.);
  • Email marketing (mailing lists that can also be part of content promotion);
  • SMM (promotion of groups in social networks);
  • Targeted advertising in social networks;
  • Contextual advertising;
  • Display ads;
  • SEO (website promotion in search engines);
  • Partner programs;
  • Working with the press;
  • Native ads;
  • Advertising in mobile apps.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them and relax we are here to explain how to start Digital Services Marketing in Lahore.

Digital Marketing Services in Lahore

Company’s Website

The main tool for interacting with clients. It doesn’t matter if it’s a landing page or an online store, the site should provide the necessary information to convince the customer to place an order with you. We’ll offer you Best Web Development in Pakistan. So you can able to make your company’s website and interact with retaining customers easily.

Creating content

Content can be called: articles, videos, infographics, blogs, images, etc. The main criterion for the effectiveness of content is its usefulness. The main task of creating content is to attract the audience’s attention to a product or service.

Email marketing

A unique tool for interacting with customers and selling complex products and services. Once your subscriber is interested in leaving your contact email address, you get permission to communicate with them in the future, gradually immersing the potential client in your business.

SMM (promotion of groups in social networks)

The main goal is to attract traffic/audience attention through social networks. The main feature of this tool is that people come to social networks in order to communicate and have fun. First of all, this. Therefore, any brand that wants to develop its social networks will have to figure out what you will tell your subscribers about. And it should be not only promotions and discounts in your company but also useful content for subscribers.

Targeted advertising in social networks

It is similar to contextual advertising (we will discuss it later). With one fundamental difference. If contextual advertising is served to those who enter the necessary queries in the search bar, then targeted advertising is configured using certain characteristics that are inherent in the target audience of the business.

Contextual advertising

Advertising in search engines. Google is about 95% of the market context in the world. Using these two systems, you can reach almost all possible customers for your business. This method is based on displaying ads that match the entered queries in the search bar. Today, contextual advertising is the fastest way to get customers.

Display ads

Placement of advertisements and banners on partner sites and in places where the target business audience is expected to accumulate.

SEO (website promotion in search engines)

Search engine optimization is focused on generating traffic from search results. Approximately 80-90% of people who enter a search query do not go further than the 1st page of the search results. This is due to the desire of business owners to be in the top of search results.

Partner programs

You can create a network of partners that attract customers to your business. The cost of affiliate rewards will always be lower than the company’s revenue.

Working with the press

Managing the distribution of information through electronic and traditional media has a lot in common with content creation, but it is impossible to fully control the published information about the product.

Native ads

Sometimes it is much more effective to integrate advertising messages into useful content without being noticed than to use a pop-up banner or direct advertising. Native advertising is used in movies (movie characters can eat a certain food, ride a taxi on the” right” aggregator, or use a top-end smartphone model) and in the field of bloggers.

Advertising in mobile apps

The principle here is the same as in interest targeting or display advertising. The ad message must match the audience. That is why Wargaming Corporation’s games advertise other games, and applications for developing speed reading skills advertise sports applications and meditation programs.


Digital marketing tools also include offline advertising. You can place ads and interesting offers in public places: on roof installations, electronic displays, panels, billboards, brackets, banners, monitors, etc. a Link to your site can be displayed on advertising, sent to the client via SMS, or presented as a QR code.